Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mountain Country

I did an oil pastel for February's Virtual Sketch and tried to emphasize the depth— from flowers in the foreground to the distant snow covered peaks.

Following Footholds

Back east
mountains shake off snow
in late spring, bare rocks
bask under a summer sun.
Climbing a trail to the top,
ascending, descending
in good weather
requires desire and a pair of good boots.

Where the mountains carry snow
on their shoulders, where the trail
leads over crevaisses, straightbacked
rocks, boulders stretched beyond
a simple outstretched leg
climbing to the top
remains elusive, beyond handholds.

The peak beyond my eye level
holds me in a dance.
I approach and a cloud veil
hides shape and form.
A striptease in slow motion
reveals hard edged lines
and dark indents.

I hold my hands out
ready to dance, to learn the steps.

Linda ©2009

1 comment:

  1. Amazing, I can´t work with pastel oils, but you did a nice work!