Friday, April 24, 2009

Poem #1 : 30 Poems in 30 days.

Hannah, Wife of Thaddeus

On this rocky land where light
slips behind pines
Thaddeus placed layers of rocks
He measured out boundaries
until his name
carved into granite
rested in Jehovah’s house

A sheet of rice paper
taped on his stone,
rubbed with crayon
draws forth Thaddeus

His date of death
Years of life
His children’s names
a winged cherub
the call for the last trumpet sound

His wife Hannah’s slate
is by his side
three children died before they lived
Ephraim, Phoebe, Josiah
Seven children grew beyond
these stone walls

@2009 Linda
NaPoWriMo: 30 Poems in 30 days.

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