Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poem #6 Thirty Poems in Thirty Days

Athletic Accomplishments in a Minor Key

In the summer of my twelfth year I found a perfect flat rock.
Holding it like a discus—and
with a swift sidearm throw
it entered the lake like a Frisbee,
skipped nine times and sank.
No one witnessed the skips—
Nedwyn said it didn't count if not seen and counted.

An alley like a cement arroyo
marked the space between buildings.
A rite of passage—
A speedway for sleds with names like hi-flyers.
I careened against snow banks,
hung on with my elbows
and spun the sled before hitting a cement wall.

The ball bearings spun with a dizzy abandon
as the sound of metal on cement drowned
out every other noise as I lunged forward
—racing Annie around the schoolyard
until one of us dropped out.
We yelled the number for each completed circuit—
At one hundred thirty-three I won

I made a kite out of heavy-duty plastic,
four feet across and almost as long.
Strung it with extra-strong string—
painted an acrylic sun
“How far will it fly?”
“Will it melt?”
and let out spool after spool of string.
Two suns stared down,
one strained while I cranked it in.
Each sun dipping down—one
fell into the horizon,
the other dropped in the sand.
Icurus with intact wings—
ready for another day.

Linda ©2009
NaPoWriMo: 30 Poems in 30 days.

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