Friday, May 29, 2009

I Heard You're Sick

We haven't spoken in years.

Your brother holds family
threads together—sharing stories.
I heard you joined a temple
Do you light shabbat candles?
I heard you have three children,
Samantha, Hudson and Bo
Do you go to your sons' football games?
Does your daughter enjoy her ballet lessons?

I heard that you jog.
I remember when we attached
a speedometer to your pink bike,
You rode back and forth on Ainsley Road
until the spedometer read ten miles.
Remember how you wouldn't give up
until you reached the ten.

I heard that you won't eat junk food.
Remember when you baked
a layer cake for my birthday?
We ate it with ice cream and pretzels.

If you listen to the wind
If you listen, you'll hear my prayers
and my love. Love isn't eradicted by time.

I'll pray that the errant cells go quietly.

1 comment:

  1. I find so many things with which I identify. Beautiful active verb use, too.