Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/ 20/'09 Five Minute Riffs—


Sometimes I’m concerned that I am addicted to lists of books. I can’t pass up a book with an intriguing plot or a quirky twist. Today I added one book about someone’s (albeit a fairly well-known personage) bicycling adventures throughout this country and Europe. Of course I’ll also read about anyone who has kayaked down the Amazon or walked across the desert. In fact I did read about a couple who celebrated their ages (sixties)by walking across the Gobi Desert. My eclectic list ends up as a request on the web site of my local library consortium. Today I added a mystery—discovered when I opened an email from a blog I subscribe to—I don’t always agree with the writer of the blog, but I’ve discovered several new additions to the mystery genre that way.

And of course I love the lists other people create of books that they read, collect, or think are must reads.

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