Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9 /22/'09 Five Minute Riffs

I discovered Porfiry Petrovich when reading Crime and Punishment and thought him an early precursor to some of the investigators on CSI.When I found a series of modern crime novels with a resurrected Porfiry, I immersed myself in his sleuthing. After the first book—hooked. Yes, here was the same inspector in St. Petersburg.

R.N. Morris seamlessly referred back to some of the incidents in Crime and Punishment and then moved on to a new dastardly and baffling crime.

This taking of a character from an earlier , usually well known book or series, and creating a new series merits some consideration. Should I think of writing a novel with Nancy Drew as my main character? Or has that been done? Perhaps a revived Harriet of Harriet the Spy?

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