Monday, September 21, 2009

9/21/'09 Five Minute Riffs


What am I to think about a president who appears on late night television imploring Americans to back health care reform when I can't tolerate night line television? And why do I think that by doing this the case for a health bill is diluted and made suspect? Yet, I'm completely behind the need for providing health insurance for everyone. Why do I think that this bill has been cobbled together by attempting to bow to the needs of all different factions? Am I being haughty or pseudo intellectual when I murmur to myself—it's demeaning to the office? Possibly.

As for the flurry of the president's appearances— perhaps we are in an era where if it isn't on Tweeter or Facebook or television it isn't real. We do have difficulty discerning between reality television and reality as lived in the world.

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