Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9/23/'09 Five Minute Riffs

I am an eavesdropper. Yes, if there's a bit of conversation and it sounds interesting, I listen. Yesterday , while standing in the return line at Best Buy I heard this snippet.

"Did you just finish playing tennis?"

I turned to see who was talking and to whom. A heavy set woman pushing a cart filled with several large boxes addressed a woman in her thirties. That woman looked as if she had come running to the store dressed for set match. She still wore her tennis shoes, white skirt, and pale blue top.

"Yes," was the terse reply.

"My definition of exercise," continued the heavy set woman , "is when I do a double crochet stitch."

No response. So she went on, "I used to walk my dog, but he died seven years ago."

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