Friday, September 25, 2009

9/25/'09 Five Minute Riffs

Sometimes you think you want something and when you get it you wonder why you wanted it in the first place. Neither my partner nor I enjoy cooking, but we do it rather than eat out. Cooking every other day makes the task a bit less odious. We thought that if we had a television in the kitchen we could watch the news while cooking —PBS—. We don't have cable in the kitchen so we bought an antennae and a small television. Something in the kitchen area abhors reception and it takes more time to tune into the station then it does to make a soufflĂ©. We ordered the television on line and it works beautifully anywhere else in the house—save the kitchen. A good idea gone awry.

Perhaps the radio was a better distraction or perhaps I should scour the library for interesting recipes. I once found a book of favorite recipes enjoyed by authors. I, then, could imagine myself as the author preparing a succulent dish— perhaps I can listen to a tape of the author's work while cooking.

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