Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/27/'09 Five minute Riffs

I am appalled with the things I should know and didn't read about. I'm still with Ted Kooser as the poet laureate of the United States and the mantle had passed to Donald Hall, Charles Sumic, and then to Kay Ryan in 2008. Kooser, 2004—2006, whose poetry I've always liked, created a link between ordinary people and their poetry. He developed a knack for teaching about poetry, accessible poetry. I loved receiving his poetry updates in my email. When did Kay Ryan start her new job? Why don't we have roll calls or trumpet trills for the naming of our poet? Poets, often make links with a well chosen metaphor. But Ted Koozer went out to the people with his poetry and their poetry.
Ted Koozer's Poetry Site of People and Poetry

Ted koozer
A Talk by Koozer

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