Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/1/'09 Five Minute Riffs

I guess I'm unsophisticated or out of the loop, but I'm still amazed when you can call all over the world and hear people clearly. I use Skype and pay $5.95 a month to call Thailand. Then I can talk for hours—if I want. It always pleases me to think that the behemoth telephone companies are not obtaining my money. It all stems back to a job I had for three months while I waited for my first teaching position to begin. I was assigned as an "investigator" in one of the telephone company's offices. A job I was totally unsuited for.I called up people who attempted to bilk the phone company by reversing the charges to strangers. Those were the days of pay phones. We had a number of students who were guilty.

The phone company kept track of how often people left their stations to get a drink of water, use the facilities—Big Brother was always watching. Offices earned commendations by getting people to buy features or new types of phones.I still writhe when I hear someone offer me a deal on yet another feature for my phone.

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