Thursday, October 22, 2009

10/21/'09 Five Minute Riffs

Time gets way from me or there isn't sufficient time to attend to all I want to do or think I want to do. I've collected a stack of books , all of which act like lures —tempting me. A week ago I discovered Colum McCaan and after delving into one of his novels needed to immerse myself in more of his writing. That happens—a writer snags my imagination. McCaan's sentences create a scene so viscerally that I must extend my army to see if I am really — watching the scene unfold. He has me talking to the characters.

Add to to the stack my Egyptian books—yes, there's a new exhibit of Tomb 10-A at the MFA. Once starting one book about traveling the Nile I am lured on—there's Florence Nightingale's letters to her sister, and Gustave Flaubert's travelogue and of course Amelia Edwards. I even downloaded Amelia's book and plan to read it in stages. And it goes on—Not only do I see the sites through their eyes , but I'm painfully aware of the prejudices, narrowness, arrogance and superiority displayed by many of the visitors.

I am enthralled with Rosemary Mahoney's modern account Down in the Nile Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff. Yes, I'm a complete armchair traveller and this autumn I'm on the Nile.

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