Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31/'09 Five Minute Riffs

Where does time go? How has another year disappeared? This year my daughter spent half the year fighting a battle with cancer cells that had spread to crevices of her body. After months of treatments she had a scan that showed that her cancer was gone. 2009 was both a long year and a year that moved at an incredibly slow pace. When you wait to hear the news of yet another scan time halts.

It was a year of classes, both online ones I gave and classes given in real time. Classes I took. It was also a year of new soups, new walks, familiar friends and new friends. A year of discovering authors —a year of growth.

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  1. Scans, soup, and a success against cancer. I noticed my google-follower moose status; I simply don't use that page. Perhaps I need to remove some of the feeds, or could I plead for an email link on this site?

    A belated wish for a good year, perhaps one that includes another online writing course? Even concentrating on the same non-fiction essay? Seems I need the structure--for now. You teach, urge, and summarize so well.