Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don’t Forget History

The Paradise Theater’s ceiling
included flickering stars, rolling
clouds and flying pigeons.

Three pigeons waver,
descend—first upon
a fire escape,
then a city street.
Puffed out, strutting,
curious, oblivious
to rude remarks.
Filthy bird—move on.

Pigeons served in Egypt,
Carthage and Rome.
They carried an empire’s secrets.

They delivered
stock prices
between Belgium and Germany.
Pigeon posts— a flying Pony Express.

Drafted as messengers
and photographers in two wars—
they never had a chance
to be Conscientious Objectors.
Did they feel a gentle touch,
a hint of love,
before being sent into troubled skies?

Linda Watskin ©2010

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