Sunday, April 4, 2010


I watched a homeless man
trapped in his own seductive music
carry a toilet bowl—a pilgrim
holding a relic in a procession.
He walked past a barbershop, over
sidewalk cracks, then stopped and staked
a claim to a spot of asphalt.

He lowered his burden and raised the lid.

People lined up as if watching was a destination.
The man, free of the strain,
pirouettes and paces ten steps.
He arranges pennies in his palm,
lining them up in two rows.
No hesitation. No explanation.
No prophesy of perfection.
With a single motion each penny lifts off,
travels in an arc and descends into the bowl.

He nods to his audience and they applaud.


  1. Lovely. Can you see me applauding your recollection in words?


  2. I totally believe this happened!