Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping at L.L. Bean

I tried on sixteen pair of khaki pants,
methodical, focused on particulars—
pleats, straight fronts, relaxed fit, tapered, boot cut,
straight legs, wide legs, low-rise skinny legs,
zippered, buttoned, snapped,
with or without drawstrings,
below the waist, on the waist, hip-slung,
no palazzos, fisherman pants, jodhpurs, or dhoti pants

Cut-offs, full-length, capris, roll-ups, twill pants,
cargo pants, chinos, cropped, carpenter pants

Overwhelmed by choices
Nylon doesn’t breath
Polyester isn’t organic
Linen is too hot
Cotton is organic

Red-faced I recalled
Khaki with its imperialist background
—coined by the British in India

I bought a pair of jeans.

Linda Watskin

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