Saturday, April 17, 2010

Teresina's Trunk Show

Two men wheel
racks of once owned clothes
and an assemblage of accessories
into the coffee shop.
Teresina sets up for her
once a month Saturday Show.
Outside lettering on a sandwich board
announces the sale. Fashionable Clothes—like new.

A woman clutches a blouse brimming
with daisies, then selects a necklace
of reckless green plastic beads.
A local realtor faces a couple
who bought her last house—
they report, “Our basement stayed dry.”

Two women parade outside the bathroom
claiming dresses from the marked down rack.
Denise speaks to her child in Portuguese —
“I want her to grow up speaking two languages.”
The thirteen-month-old laughs
and picks up strawberry slices with two fingers.
Our local playwright yawns while listening
to a man describe a computer program.

His wife swishes out of the bathroom
wearing a brown and yellow velvet Victorian hat.
A songbird mounted on wires flutters
in a nest of egret feathers.

“I anticipate where I want to go,”
the playwright says to the computer man.

A man drinking a cup of tea
arranges stacks of newspapers on his table,
bows his head as if in prayer and begins reading.
The Portuguese-speaking baby
looks outside, waves to a man on a bench
and calls out, “homem homem.” —man, man.

The man on the bench sits like a statue.
He never sees the child waving or hears “homem."

Linda Watskin © 2010

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