Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Act of Choice

“Damn everything but the circus.”
Corita kent

Will I climb a ladder
to the place a wire begins,
walk without a pole, balancing
each footfall, my arms
stretched as if in flight,
addressing the boundary
between sky and earth?

Will I swallow fire,
ingesting flames , scalding my
words before they gain a voice?

Perhaps I'll choose to coax a lion
through a burning hoop,
testing my fear,
the lion's hesitation.

Will I gather
pink Spaldeen balls,
toss two in the air,
adding one at a time, practicing
patience and the art of pathways
until five balls move as if one
in a nonstop dance through space?

Stopping a rotation,
a solar system of Spaldeen arcs,
taking care to choreograph
a slow down, a landing,
avoiding a mishap
requires care.

Perhaps I 'll be the barker
promising a show teetering
on the edge of danger
and illusion.

Linda Watskin ©2010

"The Act of Choice" is a response to a prompt in:
Big Tent Poetry


  1. Wonderful images, Linda! Great poem. I love the ending.

  2. "scalding my words" ... wow! yay, circus! yay, persona!

  3. Very nice Linda. The questioning nature is a great perspective. AND I learned a new word. Spaldeen. Most excellent.
    Thanks- Jack

  4. Will I swollow fire,
    ingesting flames , scalding my
    words before they gain a voice?

    My favorite stanza, although there is something about Spaldeen balls that is irresistible.

    Thank you for joining in Big Tent Poetry!!

  5. I think your writings about people in the coffee shops are more like the type of circus I enjoy! But I did like this poem too.

    Take care...Cathy

  6. "Scalding words" is an image that will stick with me.