Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Closed Door

Yesterday a boy died on the street,
shot before he turned fifteen

No chance to run
No chance to sweat in this humidity
No chance to make mistakes
No chance to leave or enter
His story has no middle

For a day the paper prints his name,
his friends tell a reporter he was the best
The police ask for help
The newspaper moves on
The door closes on his story

"He was shot execution style."

Linda Frances © 2010


  1. Moving, Linda. The newspaper article closing the door on the life not lived. Thanks for this poem.

  2. Unfortunately, too many of those doors closed. Well said, succinct.

  3. Well written poem about such a tragic happening. There are just too many lives ended too soon.

  4. It is becoming all too common. And that is the tragedy ot it!

    sky as the canvas of my thoughts

  5. nicely done...thanks for sharing this

  6. And how quickly we say it's sad, and then move on. This poem represents the closed door on both the young man's life and the story behind it, and the consideration of anyone else. "The death of one is a tragedy." Life moves on, with or without us.

    Sorry to wax sad here, but your poem did its job. Well done.


  7. A very moving, poignant poem, Linda.

    As a police officer in the Crime Stoppers unit, I gave a voice to those silenced victims, not giving up. I'd profile their stories on their anniversary dates, and contact their families, let them know they were not forgotten. Several times, via the media, we reached the "right" person, meaning someone with a decent conscience who had the information, and gave them an anonymous venue to give their information without fear of repercussion, and they could get a cash reward if their info led to an arrest (we worked with a code number system, and when the Reward Committee of the Board of Directors of Crime Stoppers decided on the amount, they post it in a bank, and the caller -- or his/her designee, no one would know the difference -- could respond, using his/her code #, to obtain the cash reward). In many cases, people didn't even want the cash reward; they were interested in doing the right thing. It was extremely rewarding to see a cold case get solved because someone finally came forward, usually in response to the publicity of the case and the announcement of our toll-free hotline and the cash reward, if that interested them.

    Crime Stoppers usually benefits after a shift in a relationship occurs. Scorned women (and men), revenge, divorce, theft, etc. give a reason to make the call. We don't have Caller ID nor do we tape our calls, it's against the rules of Crime Stoppers, which is a worldwide program.

  8. A powerful poem. I enjoyed your take on the door prompt. And how passing days are like closing doors. And apathy is a closed door. Thanks for sharing it.