Monday, June 14, 2010

The Vase

In West Virginia
tucked off a spur road
a glassmaker set up shop.

I found her place
when I left the paved road,
traveled up hill
on a dirt road
and kept driving
past a forgotten
Baptist Church
where I heard echos
of praise music
hanging from the rafters?
I stopped and walked
between tombstones.

On Ephraim’s stone the words:
God called thee home. He thought it was best
Enoch’s stone lay on its side.

The glassmaker’s shop,
barely a shack on a rise.

“I’m going out of business,” she said,
“Can’t make a living, not here.”
“Seventy percent off,” she said.

I found one vase. My hands
traced its contours like a lover
learning the shape of the beloved.
“You’re really good.”
“Why here?”

“These hills.”
“These hollers.”

Linda Watskin ©2010


  1. I understand the glassmaker.

    Also, I would have stopped and read all the stones and if I had my "cemetery bag" with me would have done some rubbings on muslin. Beautiful vase. Wonderful trip.


  2. A very interesting post for the V day. Lovely vase!


  3. Oh Linda, this is lovely! The story your poem tells engaged this reader from start to finish.

    The ending is my favorite part.

  4. I saw one time how to make a glass, it's not easy. This one is beautiful! Happy Wednesday!

    ABC Wednesday~V

  5. Your prose is lovely, as is the vase. It's a beautiful amber color. I hope you have many summer flowers to fill it.

  6. That vase is beautiful. I hope that glassmaker managed to set up shop somewhere else more successfully.

  7. creative and smart v post.

    mine is #71.

  8. great vase AND text

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. What a beautiful piece of glasswork. Too bad the artist is going out of business, but you found a treasure! Great V post!

    Hood Photo Blog

  10. And that vase seems to echo those hills'n'hollers, doesn't it? It's lovely!

  11. Thanks so much for your contribution - what a find! It is a vase which doesn't need any flowers at all - really beautiful!
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