Tuesday, July 27, 2010

B is for Burls

All these photos were taken on one particular path in Maine. Visualize rocks and the ocean to my right and to my left mountains. Each burl captured my imagination. I forgot about why the burl was formed and simply enjoyed the way the wood took on a life of its own.

Definition: "A burl is a deformity on a tree, usually caused by some kind of stress ie: insects or mould."

Some burls sit on the ground—perhaps resting or ready to walk away.

Other burls envision themselves becoming a bowl or a free form sculpture.

More information on burls


  1. That's so unique.. burl is a word that I heard just now.

    I have two ABC Wednesday posts for this week, you can check it HERE and HERE. Happy mid-week to you!

  2. I have seen some gorgeous bowls and tables made from burls.
    Those burls are quite interesting.

  3. I didn't know such word exist! interesting.

  4. that is an awesome scrabble word!! must remember it!! love the photos!

  5. Terrific photos. I don't know that I've seen one in real life!

  6. I love these; see them all the time, but didn't know the word. and one does see feet on the one

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. I remember seeing Western Redwoods with many burls, and hearing that it was a way that the tree ensured survival after a forest fire or death of, or injury to, the main trunk. Each burl contains the makings of many new shoots. Fascinating!

    Nice photos, too!

  8. That is really interesting. I have never seen this before. The beauty of the internet, right? Great post!

  9. Many artists whose medium is wood use the burl because it usually has a unique design in the wood grain. Interesting post!