Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Field Guide

Yesterday I whittled Jacob's ladder
out of Red Spruce
and hooked a hammock 
from Stony Man to Hawksbill.
Remember how we climbed
until our breath
tuned itself to the wind's chant.
We stood close to that space 
between land and flight.

Today I listen to your words 
smoothed until threadbare 
rubbed with bayberry,
scorched where laughter naps.
I twist anemones
in your hair. Soon moonstones
lengthen their vines
and ricochet a night botany.

Tomorrow we'll hold time
and let the sun and moon 
straddle our bodies.
We'll watch a tree swallow 
dip and dive the way
I turn to catch your words.

Linda Watskin


  1. Linda, This is lovely. This piece evoked Mary Oliver's writing. It is infused with lush images of nature. A revery unfolds.

  2. Atmospheric! Such rich description of your harmony with the great outdoors.

  3. Linda, an abolutely stunning completion of my prompt this week. You are so good at creating a mood. This poem is one to savor.


  4. Linda a lovely poem filled with beautiful images!