Friday, July 2, 2010


interior conversation
You advertised a granite garden gallery
Just walk on this path, past the chicken coop

Your hens and roosters roam about
They don't go far

I like the large stone angel standing sentinel 
She's welcoming anyone who traveled the dirt road to get here

Do you quarry for rock and then decide what to sculpt?
I read the rock--I sense it's soul

And cobble rocks and pitstones
When you hold them you hold an ancient time

my  name has within its letters
an archaic root

'abad-- to serve, to worship

Linda Watskin 2010



  1. How wonderful that you were able to find a way to write to the prompt while on vacation. I like "I read the rock--I sense its soul."

  2. This is pure pleasure to read. It brings back a memory of a friend who made dream catchers from dried grape vines. She would hold the unweildy tangles, listen, then bend them in the way they told her to go. I sense that same awe and stillness in your words.


  3. Nice one Linda and I hope it is a wonderful vacation!

  4. How wonderful that you could hear this conversation just from visiting the site! I suppose all artwork speaks to us. We simply have to be listening.

  5. Great writing, Linda. Imaginative and interesting. I liked thinking about: When you hold them you hold an ancient time.

  6. I really like those last lines.

  7. Vacation wouldn't be as much fun without the opportunity to write! This was very imaginative and a good read...

  8. I really like this. I can picture it perfectly -- maybe because I'm from Maine! ;) I'll have to visit Obadiah someday myself.

  9. Mmm. I'd like to travel that path, too, see the stone & touch it, but then -- you've brought me along.

  10. A wonderful journey! I enjoyed the insight this revealed.

  11. This is very nice, Linda! I like the way it could be an exterior conversation until the end where the self answers the self with a reminder of the title persona's worshipful roots. I like the image of the sculptor uncovering the soul of a rock. Nice!

  12. There is a wonderful description of place set in this poem. I want to visit Obadiah's quarry! He's right, you know, hen's and roosters don't go far. Great job. "Obadiah" makes me smile.