Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Of Rocks and Oceans

Even the upper end of the river
believes in the ocean.”
—William Stafford

It's peaceful on this rock—
a place to scan the throbbing ocean.
To my left a granite sea serpent hovers
high above barnacle clad mermaids.

My father once checked under my bed
for the The Feathered Ogre
—let loose from a color print.
Please, I said, look in the closet, too.

Look at the agility of the young,
careless, leaping, unaware
of rock gaps, of cliff heights.
Memory and time trim pure wildness.

Today a breeze limits the hot sun.
I once hiked beneath a torrid sun—
our thermometer reached 110 degrees
in the shade.

One summer I stood where Georgia O'Keefe stood
and looked at her colors
draped on a blue backdrop.
I, too, love that fiery landscape and bone-dry desert.
That 110-degree day—
I quit hiking before reaching Delicate Arch.

Seated on this rock, the horizon line blurs—
yet still only a hand's distance away.
I dream of sailing on that edge.

On this hard surface of the past
I am replenished.

Linda Watskin ©2010


  1. >>> this closing line...

    On this hard surface of the past
    I am replenished.

    >>> wowza.

    Your images were phenomenal. I felt myself leaping into each one.

    Read My WWP #9 Poem here.

  2. Very nice work. I could almost hear the waves! I found it interesting that Georgia O'Keefe was in your poem too!

  3. Linda, your poem works well with the prompt and gives me a feeling of peacefulness.


  4. Beautiful images Linda
    I feel as if I was transported!

  5. It's the experience of extremes that gives us that confidence to explore the unknown fearlessly.

  6. Inspirational rock you had! You created beautiful images.

  7. Love this! It's beautiful, great images.

  8. journey from the ocean to desert and back in a few short lines
    nicely done.

  9. Linda, Stunning piece. At 48 years old, I get closer to my own twilight. This piece evokes so much for me about life's passage, and it is beautiful. Thank you.