Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Rhythms

I return again and again

silk kelp
my nightgown

sand drips

from anemone fingers
my pillow

sandpipers dance
between ghostly foam

barnacles crust my soles

mark me with pulsating flowers

my hair covers
rocks at low tide

I return
again and again to water

to hear the echoes of random rhythms

water flows and covers secret places

Lnda Watskin ©2010
We Write Poems


  1. Stunning, Linda. I love how your pieces bring me to the ocean again and again. This piece lulls. Thank you.

  2. Oh, I enjoyed the heck out of this one!

    Love, love, love the randomness AND the connectedness and the format? Sheer delight.

    My attempt at this week's prompt.

  3. I like the fluent yet abstract sense of this work, marked effervescent with the waters -- I love water so you drew me right in...


  4. Lovely and intriguing -- a mermaid's sea song

  5. Beautiful with a surreal quality!

  6. Love the wave-like lines, and some really consistent, beautiful imagery here. Always love a good ocean/water poem.

  7. Ditto to other people's thoughts. Stunning!

  8. Ah, Linda...I love the way you "shaped" the poem like waves on a beach. The images were lovely, and I really liked rolling this phrase, "from anemone fingers" over and over on my tongue. Thanks!

  9. OK, I'm a sucker for the sea, and more, how it plays music with the shore, as does your poem here. And your closing line, "water flows and covers secret places", draws the poem (and us) right in by our toes. Good job!

  10. enjoyable. the presentation is rhythmic, but not too much so. random rhythms, I suppose.

  11. Oh Wow Weeeeeeeee! Your poems are lovely and so are your photos to match your poems, very enjoyable to read and A for Acadia National Park is a Great A for the ABC Wednesdays.

    I am glad to of joined up with this art project.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :)