Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Case Report

The Woman at Mercy Shelter

In the morning
she is like a rooster
talking to the sun,
to patches of light
on a wood floor.

She accounts for yesterday’s
passing, telling of her trip
to buy vegetables.

“Two cantaloupes so soft
when I press their skin
my thumbs get wet.”

“Asparagus on hide like stems
stood like wood soldiers
in a bucket of water.
I tiptoed right by.”

She talks to cats and dogs,
to people on trains
who bury their eyes.
She talks to shadows
on sidewalks.

At night she holds
a hand mirror,
talking to her face
bloated with consumed words.

Linda Watskin © 2010


  1. This definitely is a unique response to the prompt! You have created a vivid image of this woman talking and talking to anyone and anything

  2. A sad but all too real tale, Linda. You have captured her actions and our reactions well.

  3. Exquisite phrase: "...people on trains who bury their eyes.,," I can see both the people, and the narrator talking to them/herself. You managed to rivet my attention again, Linda. Well done!

  4. Such a gentle expose of a life diminished by circumstances we imagine but do not know. Love the pairing of the people with buried eyes and the shadows on the sidewalk - so much the same thing, in the end... and the contrast to the seeing self in the mirror. Very nicely done!

  5. Is that you or your mother? I love it!

  6. It is neither my mother nor I. It is just what the title says—A woman at Mercy Shelter.

  7. I like the first best, though probably wouldn't in life.

  8. Very sensuous and convincing portrait. The reader recognises..enjoyed this a lot.

  9. Linda wonderful take on the prompt!
    Filled with sadness

  10. Provokes compassion in the reader. Beautifully done.