Sunday, August 22, 2010

Five Minute Riff

Question Authority Buttons

Where are all the protest songs? Are there songs being written about how we are being subsumed, consumed, submerged by technology? How about the songs regarding our increasing phobias regarding the "other"? Am I mistaken in thinking that gated communities have been on the rise? 

Healing our planet, throwing plastic into the correct bin, recycling paper, being vigilant about not using more and more plastic bags, -- all important.

We can get so caught up in being green and thinking green that those wonderful protest songs and buttons that said "Question Authority" are relegated to a bygone era.

Maybe I'll dust off my button.


  1. I think there are still protest songs but they don't get much radio play. I definitely think gated communities are on the rise and I don't care for them at all.

  2. Where have all the soldiers gone...long time passing...(I honor the dead who have fought to keep me safe. I try to be tolerant of my neighbors and my coworkers first. For how can I get along with the world if I can't get along with them? I won't see the day they don't go to graveyards. Everyone is more worried about what their neighbor ate and wore yesterday than what they really thought.)

    If I had a hammer....(sometimes I do).

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot...but I plant trees and flowers and fruits and veggies which I share.

    I listen to some of the old songs that my husband moved from albums to cd to ipod for me. Doesn't matter...the songs are still in my head. Change doesn't always come from protest but from unto others...