Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Revision of a Family Story

Here we go round the mulberry bush, 
the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush:
Here we go round the mulberry bush,
on a cold and frosty morning.
This is the way we--

here we go round the mulberry bush
who heard the sandman tell tales?
who heard the old man sell clothes?
rags, rags, my grandmother's story
outside the man polishes scissors
and knives round and round a whetstone
an iceman's horse snorts
a leather feed bag around his head
on a cold and frosty morning
a man sells chestnuts    his gloves
have no fingers   twenty cents a bag
a man sold jelly coated marshmallows
blew his nose in his hand    wiped
his hand on brown wool pants
here we go round and round
the mulberry bush   I saw him
he didn't see me.   round and round
the mulberry bush   the mulberry bush

Linda Watskin. 2010


  1. Linda, You have evoked so many images from days gone by...this is beautiful. The mulberry bush repetition sandwiches the piece well. ~Brenda

  2. Linda I love where this prompt took you!

  3. Rags and chestnuts, I certainly remember; ice, knives and marshmallows not really. Not sure I'd want the marshmallows either!!

  4. " I saw him, he didn't see me" Favorite line! Sounds like the wolf! Very well done!

  5. This evokes images of 19th century England for me...a lot of your details speak of the working class reality of that time (gloves with no fingers, the man outside sharpening scissors)...I could almost see your speaker as a young child weaving in and out from the merchant carts in the street. Nicely done.


  6. Linda, that is SOME mulberry bush! A captivating write!

  7. Neat images in this--funny how prompts can take us to unexpected places. I enjoy seeing where people's minds go--so many directions!

  8. I like this one, bunches. It's like hanging off a merry-go-round, watching the world change in the wind. Very cool.

  9. It has that rhythm which makes one read it again!

    wolfish grins