Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Space at the End of a Poem

There is empty space
a black spot with no ends
to hold, no place to touch
There is horizon space,
a thin line the width 
of a silkworm's thread

and space after a poem ends
with nothing more to add
and not yet time
to unravel a new skein

and space when loss is a gap
with no bottom

After loss, space is left
before a new beginning
as if it requires a pause

and there is space
where words intrude

Linda Watskin ©2010


  1. I am one who loves spacing! I find it much easier to read, whether poem or prose. Space relaxes me! Great job, Linda!

  2. Linda, I really like this poem and the points made about the different kinds of space, the reasons for space, and its importance in life.

  3. A piece that makes one think about space in ways that might never occur, and nicely stated.

  4. I enjoyed reading this and thinking about space in new ways. Nicely written.

  5. Succinct, leaving lots of nice space! All the different posts to this prompt are marvellous -taking poets to places they wouldn't otherwise have gone.

  6. At the end of life well lived space is the confluence of memory prefaced. There is a lot of meaning in your writing. It is a poem that allows the reader to add their own spacial punctuation. No words from outside ones own thoughts can do that. I like it.

  7. Linda I love where you went with this prompt!

  8. Excellent take on both the prompt and spaces!

  9. My Dear Ms Watskin:
    Knock it off, yer makin others look bad.
    Conga rats on this poem. I particularly envy the closing 2 stanza.

  10. Sometimes the space between is the more important thing...
    I enjoyed your thoughts on this!

  11. Space and timing are essential. I love this poem's reminder that what we need and hope for comes to us in the spaces between or after all the planned and structured striving to build our lives. The Japanese aesthetic concept of ma, the empty space in which the kami, the divine can enter is closely related to what you do here. Very nice!

  12. I like the concept of space and time in poetry. It somehow makes it timeless.

    now it is there, now it isn't

  13. Wonderful response to the prompt and a delightful thing to consider. Ah, space .