Thursday, September 30, 2010

A City Roller Girl

I sit on a curb
lengthen my roller skates
with the flat end
of my skate key,
align clamps
to fit my old leather shoes
and slip into skates
whose ball bearings
and metal wheels
get ready to battle
against predators—
sidewalk cracks and manholes.

I leave a deafening roar
of metal scraping cement,
stop before the curb
drops precipitously
into the gutter,
risking scraped knees,
elbows bloodied by cement,
the rasp of concrete on my palm.

I cut loose and survive.

Linda Watskin © 2010


  1. Wonderful reminiscence, Linda. Captured beautifully! I remember those skates too. On summer sidewalks. And winter basements.

  2. I recall roller skating clear across town in the dark! Back in those days, things were so much safer. I really enjoyed your poem, Linda!

  3. Linda, you have captured the adventure of roller skating perfectly!

  4. How well I remember those days! Well done poem recaptures delicious memories!

  5. You describe something of which I have no knowledge, probably because I was desperate to avoid those bloodied knees and elbows! :0(

  6. Cutting loose and surviving is a brave summation Linda :)

  7. I remember skating like this, though most of my skating was indoors on wood. I got at least the backward skate down and some turns, enough so I had very little fear of being on the floor. Concrete rattles the bones. I had trouble keeping the street skates on. I really like this poem.

  8. I loved this! Never learned to skate (nothing but dirt roads where I lived), but I was able to experience the thrill vicariously though your words. Thanks!

  9. great descriptions and images of something not done for some time. roller skating! great take on the prompt.