Thursday, September 2, 2010

Listening to a Hymn of Words

Words heard at a study:
Psalm 3:4, Psalm 13:2, Psalm 42.
2 Chronicles 20:14, Worship song

He heard me out of his holy hill
while I hear the winds bearing down

they bowed...and worshipped
crouched down,
no stooped,
or paid homage
while I take counsel in my soul

He said, In the midst of the congregation 
I will praise you

while I asked, Who delights in
crepuscular illumination?

while the choir sang
light the fire in my soul

LindaWatskin © 2010


  1. Intriguing. I love that word crepuscular.

  2. I love the words "light the fire in my soul". So glad He heard you! Delightful poem!

  3. I just went from a mother, up all night with a fevered child, using the words fire and furnace to describe her experience. Then come here to find a refrain to have a fire created in the soul. The Mother prays and you sing. A Divine connection between the two, and I stand here between feeling the heat and warmth of both. Thank you, for this one,


  4. Lovely. Love 'crepuscular illumination.'

  5. I've always been fond of crepuscular - nice to see it in this piece!

  6. Imaginative take on this prompt...I had never heard the word, crepuscular before!

  7. I like what you did here, bringing the reader into the internal thoughts during a service. The internal questioning . . . and prayer - taking counsel in one's soul.

  8. I'm familiar with crepuscular, but used it with animal behavior. I like your using it on humans.