Thursday, September 2, 2010

Listening to a Hymn of Words

Words heard at a study:
Psalm 3:4, Psalm 13:2, Psalm 42.
2 Chronicles 20:14, Worship song

He heard me out of his holy hill
while I hear the winds bearing down

they bowed...and worshipped
crouched down,
no stooped,
or paid homage
while I take counsel in my soul

He said, In the midst of the congregation 
I will praise you

while I asked, Who delights in
crepuscular illumination?

while the choir sang
light the fire in my soul

LindaWatskin © 2010


  1. Intriguing. I love that word crepuscular.

  2. I love the words "light the fire in my soul". So glad He heard you! Delightful poem!

  3. I just went from a mother, up all night with a fevered child, using the words fire and furnace to describe her experience. Then come here to find a refrain to have a fire created in the soul. The Mother prays and you sing. A Divine connection between the two, and I stand here between feeling the heat and warmth of both. Thank you, for this one,


  4. This was really interesting.

  5. Lovely. Love 'crepuscular illumination.'

  6. I've always been fond of crepuscular - nice to see it in this piece!

  7. Imaginative take on this prompt...I had never heard the word, crepuscular before!

  8. I like what you did here, bringing the reader into the internal thoughts during a service. The internal questioning . . . and prayer - taking counsel in one's soul.

  9. I'm familiar with crepuscular, but used it with animal behavior. I like your using it on humans.