Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Political Diatribe

I paint swaths of canyon colors.
Reds and oranges illuminate my canvas
and burn into stretched linen.

Red rocks flame the way my cheeks reddened
when I stumbled upon firedrakes spewing
sharp toothed words, untempered words
swollen with barbed tongues.

How, I ask, can you say all
when you haven't met all?

Orange arches stretch, widen their span
in my presence. I stand underneath 
nourished by the silence of stone,
by their patience.

Linda Watskin


  1. I love "nourished by the silence of stone," and know that feeling and sense that comes in that moment. There is a state park that harbors a Natural Bridge of Limestone, and underneath it is a cave that once housed Peolithic Indians. When one stands in that place, one senses the patience of time, and also their presence. I really like your poem,


  2. This poem is so vivid. I can see those canyon colors and feel the strength of them. I have tried to paint the Grand Canyon several times and am never happy with it so I say I'm doing a study of the canyon. LOL I can see these colors for sure!

  3. Linda, I didn't realize this poem was about color, but it is. Sounds like the devils' LOL. Well written!

  4. Linda, this is an excepional poem, full of depth for me. The 'silence of stone' is such a strong image!

  5. Fiery feeling conjured by red and orange. A quiet ending. A trip of a poem!

  6. Linda, I'm clearly joining the chorus here. The resolution of this poem's thread is the same, both for form and content here. Harsh words to calm, like stone. Words and meanings matched just right. Excellent.

    The way to peace is to become peaceful, and well demonstrated here. Thank you.

  7. Yes, red and orange can illuminate gently, gloriously like a sunrise/sunset or be searingly hot, scorch and burn. I'm glad your poem ended with the peaceful aspect of orange stone.