Thursday, October 7, 2010

Misplaced in Time

How is one to measure
the loss of...
Amy Clampitt

How is one to measure
the loss of my grandmother's recipe
for honey cake, a handful of gold cup sequins,
the shoe box my Aunt Rose 
filled with costume jewelry, one
pearl flower pin with rhinestones,
the painted turtle from the circus, a honey toned 
trestle table where friends drank tea
and argued over scripture,
where I brought my doubts to the table
along with chocolate chip cookies
How is one to measure
the loss of certainty?

LindaWatskin 2010


  1. Ah, I think we all eventually experience the last loss you mentioned. Sad day when we realize this. I would guess many could name the moment it happened.

  2. How indeed? Poignant reflections on that which passes - not least the sense of permanence and safety.

  3. Oh oh oh I love this. I love those list poems, the loving detailed specificity of each thing. Such a lovely example of how the most personal, specific things evoke universal experience.

  4. Love where that broken line carried you... into itemizing and in the end, an understanding that what's really lost is something those items stood for, the items themselves being wonderfully alive in memory. A beautiful poem.

  5. Loss and change. You've crafted these shards of life into a lovely piece of work!

  6. You have started a chain reaction of thoughts in response to your question. I have taken it deep inside of me and am listening. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it,


  7. This poem has me measuring losses by pulling the tape measure this way and that. Very strong poem!