Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Suppose the goldfish I brought home
in a plastic water filled bag
found a home in a lily pond
rather than a mason jar

Suppose the painted turtle
we bought at the circus
grew up to be a snapping turtle

Suppose the iguana grew beyond
the bedroom space
and lounged on the couch

Suppose my cricket sang arias 
or performed acrobatic
dances or danced with
the fireflies we collected
in jars, just suppose

the sheep gathered
in an outdoor cafe
and pondered theology
while eating pastries

Suppose they discovered
new dimensions 
and suspended time

Linda Watskin ©2010


  1. I enjoyed greatly all of the imaginative 'supposings' in your poem, Linda.

  2. I suppose they'd be a pretty impressive bunch!

  3. I love your collections of things - small animals, except for that iguana, LOL. Great questions, too!

  4. Imagination takes us to some rather fantastic places, places where inspiration can become dream, and turn into other realities. You captured that well in your poem of supposings. Rich in imagery and very creative,


  5. Beautiful! Just suppose... I loved the one about crickets especially.

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