Monday, November 8, 2010

ABC Wednesday : The Letter Q


"quahog" ( comes from the Narragansett Indian name "poquauhock")

Thoreau heard the story of a man who spotted his duck caught by a Quahog:

"He took up both together, carried them to his home, and his wife opening the shell with a knife released the duck and cooked the quahog.".—Cape Cod by Thoreau

And from last years

"On Feb. 2 – known to Nantucketers not as Groundhog Day but as Quahog Day – the mollusk predicts how much longer the winter season will last with a squirt of water from its siphon. A spit to the left means six more weeks of winter are on the way, and a spit to the right means winter is over...." Shana Wickett, Globe Correspondent


  1. Thanks for explaining what a Quahog was, I never did know, of course until now. Fun post for Q day.

  2. i never heard that legend before!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Never heard this name, to me it looks like a ordinary shell, but I am not a shell specialist, lol ! Congrats for the finding !

  4. What a great story! Do they taste good?

  5. I'd never heard that legend before either, but what a great word and post for the Q Day! Really fun and interesting! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  6. this is one of those words I have learned through crosswords without really knowing what it meant! thanks for the image.