Friday, November 26, 2010

A Walk in a Strange Place


Each year, it seems, larger and more daunting mountains of text
rise from the lush lowlands of visual reproduction.
 -Calvin Tomkins

Follow this gravel road politely,
your residence here lacks permanence.
Gravel gives way to a dirt corridor
through fields tattooed on the earth.

Soon the corn begins
resurfacing the earth with lush tassels.
Long-legged corn blocks the view.

This bloated landscape spawns
archaic fears of beasts stalking prey
hidden in the underbrush.

Return with shears and scythes
to open up a place to see out.
The corn withdraws to one side,
steps back from the road,
crouches lower to the ground.

Now, it is safe to walk.

Linda Watskin ©2010


  1. A proactive approach to be recommended!

  2. Took me back to long ago cross-country drives through endless cornfields in Illinois--no desire to get out of the car and walk through those fields. Great imagery and intensity in your simple description.

  3. I really liked the image of the corn "resurfacing the earth with lush tassels."

  4. Really digging your imagery. Wonderfully written.

  5. Rich!

    I would pick out a favorite image or line, but can't choose. :-)