Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's Usually an Answer

When I weighed myself and discovered an additional pound I was incredulous. Didn't I avoid taking the large piece of Red Velvet cake, eschew buying any sweet to keep in the house, and scrupulously avoid high calorie meals? I took care between Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid dieting in January. How did any weight sneak by my scrutiny?

I went through my day—shopping for both presents and household necessities meant a visit to the mall and two grocery stores.

Halfway down the mall corridor a display of See's chocolate candies lured me. I needed a gift for a cookie swap and since I abjure any hint of making cookies, a box of Sees Candies appeared as a sign from the swap angels. Years ago I attempted following a tricky recipe designed to produce chewy hermits. After fighting the batter my hermits made it to the oven only to emerge in twenty minutes as hard little spicy rectangles.

The See's display of their goods included a basket of individually wrapped Krispies. How could I decide if I didn't taste one or two pieces? After eating two Café Latte Krispies I bought a box for the cookie swap.

I stopped at the kitchen store to check out an egg divider that I wanted for egg white omelet creations. On the way to the wall displaying gadgets I stopped for a small cup of hot chocolate and an offering of chocolate bark— each piece in its own small cup. Perhaps the bark tasted more elegant than the Krispies? I ate one and then went back for a second piece—succulent, but quite expensive.

On the way out of the mall the See's cart had another free giveaway—milk chocolates filled with a softer chocolate. How could I pass up these gifts? Didn't I need to compare?

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store to buy Rice milk and Organic Oat Flakes for breakfast. At the end of one aisle a display of spicy baked chips and three different salsas drew a fair sized crowd. Perhaps I thought if I taste these they would be perfect for Christmas Day when snacking is a way of life. Too spicy, but I tasted several more chips to make certain that they were really over my comfort level. I did buy a bottle of Gringo Jack's Fruit Mania Salsa, which necessitated more tasting.

Before arriving home I went to our local vegetable market where they were encouraging patrons to buy local. How could I pass up a local brew of eggnog—sample, of course ? I didn't buy a quart because I imagined myself sitting on the couch guzzling eggnog, but a small paper cup is sufficient to satiate my craving.

While waiting on line I, and everyone else, walked past a table of Number Nine Tortilla Strips and four bowls of assorted salsas. Obviously I needed chips for my Gringo Jack's salsa. Without any encouragement, I tried all three varieties before deciding upon the Nine Veggie chips— made with nine garden vegetables.

Before heading home I stopped at CVS to pick up a comb and couldn't resist the table set up to sell cosmetics. I don't wear any cosmetics, but they had a dish of wrapped mints—a perfect ending.

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  1. Perfect! It all makes total sense! That was me at Costco yesterday, and the day before, and last week, and . . . Some things are just meant for the taking!

    Thanks for the very valid excuse for my next WW weigh in!