Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feet Seen and Imagined

Feet, what do I need you for
when I have wings to fly?
Frida Kahlo


Callused with bunions
Blistered in new boots
A stubbed Turf toe 
A Flat footed footprint
Corns where shoes fit too tight
Heel spurs earned riding 
Ingrown toenails like a family feud


Dry, brittle, harbingers of years
Concave, hollow, a cavity of time
Ridges following the past
from soft flesh to dry surfaces
Arroyos, gulches once overflowing

Linda Watskin ©2011


  1. Linda, we do abuse our feet over the years, don't we? After reading this I want to go for a pedicure :) very vivid descriptions.

  2. Oh, yes... me, too. I have done a number on my feet over the years. I can relate to much of this delightful poem!

  3. I like the last line very much - such a apt description.

  4. Great images. I especially liked the first two lines of Part II.

    Dry, brittle, harbingers of years
    Concave, hollow, a cavity of time

  5. Oh, we do, they do and each pair tells a story. I like this piece!

  6. it is as if all my shoes are lined up in a row and speaking all at once, finally telling me every little detail they ever wanted to express!..

  7. great imagery and so evocative; feet do tell stories on us all, don't they just ...

  8. Those feet have done some walking! A knotted, gnarly poem. Lovely.