Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sunday Crossword

We sit at the kitchen table—
I with my feet on the chair,
you with a napkin full of peanuts
juice glasses filled with spring water
grow tepid while we talk.
“How was your day?”
And you tell me the latest crisis
We laugh over daily doings
while peanut shells pile higher.

“How was your day?”
I tell you my plans to keep warm.
We plan an ideal outfit:
sheeplined earmuffs,
goosedown from neck to ankles,
battery operated socks.
I pour more spring water,
take out a half-done Sunday crossword,
move my chair so we both can see.

The erasable pen is easier
than the ink scrawl over ink.
I go too fast, you say.
You sometimes guess, I say.
I love you, I say.
I know, you say.


  1. An ordinary moment told extraordinarily. PS I could use that warm outfit!

  2. Linda this has a very warm feeling to it.

  3. This is beautiful. So full of familiarity and contentment.

  4. Barb expresses it perfectly. From the commonplace to the rare and special.

  5. Yes, this has a familiar, warm tone to it!

  6. very sweet! and i like how food is woven into the narrative.

  7. Gosh I don't remember the last time I saw a peanut with the shell still on! Beautiful poem, you've captured the moment well.

  8. Peanuts, Crossword, Conversation. What could be better?

    I enjoyed this very much, Linda; well done.

  9. This was an enjoyable read. Put me at the table.