Friday, February 25, 2011

After the Winter

Un dia de estos?
—Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I shall see
the stands of spruce
and rock cliffs
that hold the ocean in place

rockweed floating like the dark hair
of stone sea sculptures

pond bullfrogs
strumming notes of praise

full moon lotus leaves
catching the sun,
waiting to flower

a pond’s necklace
of lupine, pickerelweed
and cat tails.

the sunlight dance of fireflies

switchback trails to the canyon floor
a still life in time

a descent through a river’s sculpture
and earth’s timetable

sure-footed bighorn sheep

pillars of rock,
some with given names—
others waiting

the rising sun
casting fire
over the canyon hoodoos

the narrow road picking its way
through a dry wash

blue sky reining in flash floods

a trail strewn
with pock-marked lava balls,
—a moonscape over sandstone

serpentine patterns
on a sandstone trail
through a canyon

our days revolving
from sun to stars to sun
once again

Linda Watskin © 2011


  1. Very nice, Linda, I particularly love this
    "rockweed floating like the dark hair
    of stone sea sculptures" just lovely.


  2. A powerful and vivid sense of place and season here.

  3. Love the outdoors. This reminds me why. Excellent job! Vb

  4. There really should be an "after the winter" holiday, but it couldn't be the same date everywhere.
    Lovely pictures your words made.

  5. Wonderful list. I love the rocks waiting

  6. Flowing and beautiful. I love the last stanza.

  7. A visual feast - festive emergence from the cold season!

  8. Gorgeous poem, love the imagery of seeking the western sun. Lots!

    (Loosestrife is an invasive in Portland, and I think in the west. It's a lovely name, and pretty color, but, if you send this somewhere you might think of another. Not a critique, just a comment/thought.)

  9. i really enjoyed reading this out loud. great sounds in it! like "sure-footed" and "hoodoo"

  10. I've changed loosestrife to lupine-- it's invasive in a number of places