Friday, February 11, 2011

A Day to Give Thanks

When the weather turned its back 
unloading more snow
When the water found its way inside
I talked to the clouds, to the wind
When a man with a lilt
removed the walls, positioned dryers
I talked to the man whose words
journeyed from Haiti to Lowell
I am a poor man, he said
born poor, will die poor
but I'm rich, I have God.
I tell my boss Sunday is my day,
God gave me this day,
to sing praise.

When he left with his ladder,
a tool box and a bottle of water
I went upstairs and stood
outside the closet
When I heard the roar of two green
machines inhaling the water
I said thank you


  1. . . . and the flood waters recede.

  2. Floods and drought. I enjoyed the visual-ness of this piece!

  3. I'm rich, I have God-- love this line!

    You might like my poem, Up.

  4. A courageous way of dealing with a horrendous situation. I feel sincere sympathy for you and admiration that you can write about it.