Saturday, April 9, 2011


9:45 am
Coffee and a bagel with chive cream cheese
while reading a book that dragged through
a litany of family losses until I put it down
and talked to a neighbor about the Red Sox
Maybe they are poised to take off on a winning streak

Dropped my car off at my local mechanic's house
where he moonlights on weekends
The red intrusion light won't stop blinking

A long walk past people wearing shirtsleeves
anxious to get on with spring. My long sleeve shirt sticks
and reminds me that it gets warmer with each passing hour.

The Red Sox game begins and I am hopeful.

1:40 pm
Walked to the library and borrowed two more books.

One a mystery and the other a non- fiction account of two
families—in UruĊĦalimum
I try to make sense of that strip of land.
More family losses

They are losing

Picked up my car.
The timing was off. It's reset

The timing is off. That explains it all.

Their bat speeds can't catch up.
Their pitches are out of synch.

Perhaps we can go back in time,
erase what doesn't work, didn't work.

They lost.

No mystery, no divided land.

Linda Watskin 2011
Day 9
Poetic Asides prompt

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  1. "The timing is off. That explains it all." I really like how the baseball game is interwoven throughout your day. That last line intrigues me. Is it that you weren't in a mood to read after they lost?