Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Forget to Spray

Our instructor Nan upended her backpack—

scudding along the table—
three ounce cups,
a canvas bag of watercolor paints,
a roll of paper towels,
masking tape,
a spray bottle,
two containers for water,
several brushes and a color wheel

Welcome to the Pouring Watercolor workshop

I wanted to discover spontaneity.

Did I envision myself a follower of Jackson Pollack
with my paint erupting from plastic cups
creating dazzling drips navigating across paper?

You'll use a lot of paint
Wet your paper on both sides.

I drowned 140 lb watercolor paper
under a heavy dousing of water
taped it down to a board and
placed squares of cheesecloth,
scraps of lace, wire mesh, and
buttons on the paper,
avoided hard lines,
feigning an instinct for composition.

Nan demonstrated the act of pouring.
A communion service with pigments
as sacred mystery.

Today you pour and tomorrow
we'll work with the paintings.
There will be surprises.

Use your spray bottle,
move the paint, let it find a path.

I sprayed Alizarin Crimson beyond
the lace, around a metallic button,
over two feathers until it stopped
short of an edge—
afraid of moving beyond boundaries,
content to remain within the frame.

Linda Watskin 2011
Day 6
Poetic Asides Prompt


  1. This sounds like an amazing process. The description alone is art. I wish you would show a photo of your work. I want to paint! Great poem.

  2. Very descriptive, the studio felt alive!

  3. Love the descriptions, but also the awareness of the painter's response. I see her, tongue caught between lips, hoping for the best.


  4. creative.

    eloquent message sent.

  5. Perfectly artful - I'd love to see the finished painting!