Friday, April 8, 2011

A Celebration of Dreams

In the silence of my mind's eye
prophetic landscapes flow
until daylight roams
to the boundaries of words.

A doxology in praise of moon nipples.

Nightingales sing hymns
and comets lick black linen night.
A butterfly pursues and plummets
deep into a culvert
to carve graffiti.

A reply in the silence of my mind's eye.

In sleep I listen to words
polished until timeworn.
Soon moonstones lengthen their vines
and ricochet a night botany.

In myth's memory I rise in dreams
to walk past cockleburs
catching on my cuffs.
Keeping my distance I join
in a fugue for flower-eaters,
forage for cinnamon fern,
keep vigil until all that is left
is day and exposure to biography.

Linda Watskin
Day 8
Poetic Asides prompt

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  1. How pretty, Linda and the last stanza is gorgeous.