Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loosen the Knot

Not the power to remember,
but it's opposite,the power to forget
is a necessary condition for our existence.
Shalom Asch

Some days when a mist
grays the sky, when trees
lose their shape,
when pine needles adhere
to rocks as if they intend
to cover their hardness
or soften a rigid exterior
I confront your hardness of heart,
this Gordian Knot, resistant,
callous to the balm of time.

When lowering clouds absorb
whatever clings to the ground,
when vision, murky and unsure
of itself loses its place, when your feet
remain hidden beneath the fog
will you open the door?

Linda Watskin 2011
Day 5
Poetic Asides Prompt


  1. I hear a strong voice coming through here!

  2. Wow that was good writing with great imagery!

  3. Cheer up, spring is just around the corner! ;-)

  4. The poem was written to a prompt. The prompt from Poetic Asides was to write a serious poem.