Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Follow Me

" ...you need only to keep
walking with God and all of life
becomes one long stroll."
--- Etty Hillesum

Can you follow Abram
when he leaves Canaan?

Imagine simply answering
Hinneni: Here I Am,
dropping everything,
leaving friends, the neighbor
who shared cool lemonade
on a seamless summer night and
wandering to the edge of a place
you can't name, resting on a promise

Can you answer: Here I am
when you hear a whisper
asking you to follow

Linda Watskin
Day 26
Poetic Asides prompt


  1. I like the form of this poem and the question at the end. Amazing to think of dropping everything and blindly following the voice. Great job on the prompt.

  2. Wow. Excellent piece, Linda. From the quote at the beginning, the form of the poem, the broadest of questions (will I follow) to the smallest of details (the shared lemonade). This compact piece says volumes. Well done!

  3. Linda, you pose a very good question at the end.