Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Gift of Praise

Sing for Me
Dance for Me
Preach for Me
—Pastor Abiot Moyo

the preacher wants you off the
street comer, don't loiter
God's waiting for you
to unwrap your gift
suppose it's not what
you hoped for
your voice jumps off notes
speaking in public
facing an audience
dancing barefoot,
the preacher wants you
out of your seat, out of the
audience, he wants you
to find your gift,
maybe it's to keep lighting a candle
cupping a hand around the flame
no one's left out
someone's staining a pew
someone's adding salt to soup
someone's setting a table
someone's opening a door
someone's telling a story
someone's listening hard
someone's nodding
someone's tapping
someone's praying
someone's swaying
someone's kneeling
the preacher wants you
to unwrap your gift

Linda Watskin ©2011
Day 17 Poetic Asides prompt


  1. Really, really like this. A call to arms for anyone who chooses to sit on the sidelines watching life go by. This creates a very vivid image in my mind,


  2. Linda, yes, we should live life to the fullest.


  3. LOVE this, Linda!

    We all have gifts...we just need to find out what it is.

  4. Linda, this is lovely. We all have gifts - and it's in the giving, both big and small. I try to listen hard. Thanks for this.