Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Can Do Without

Autocratic critics who write reviews
Brash hedonists on vacation
Carping perfectionists who never err
Daredevils beckoning us to follow
Earnest megalomaniacs

I can do without

Flimsy take-out containers
Grainy DVDs
Harbingers of spring who arrive late
Ideological arguments late at night
Juicy gossip told to titillate

I can do without

Kebobs refusing to budge
Lollypops falling off sticks

The world can do without


Majority unmindful of the minority

too many people

Not listening or not hearing

or an

Obstinate refusal to see

The world can do without

Petty grievances morphing
Quagmires we create

Rude people
Snide comments as asides
Telemarketers calling at dinner time
Ubiquitous cellphones ringing

Vegetables laden with pesticides

Wasted dreams


Years of strife
Zeal without compassion

Linda Watskin
Day 28 Poetic Asides prompt


  1. As I was reading, I kept thinking "wow--she really captured it!" ...and then the poem kept going and I would think it again! I'm glad you included all that you did, with the variety you had...made me realize there really is a lot we could do without.

  2. Linda, this is well done. I didn't even at first realize it was an ABC poem. It works so well here, a good blending of form and content.