Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's All About Breathing

It's not true that when I left
the walls lapsed into silence,
that tall grass stood sentry,
that birds ceased prattling
and shadows idled in the air
before spreading out,
over roots

I looked back,
caught the cadence of leaving
descend upon hedges,
a Japanese Red Maple,
slick arroyos
and tangled vines.

I stepped into a bone
white field,
ready for seeding.

Linda Watskin 2011
Day 14


  1. Vivid images and beautiful words...


  2. "I stepped into a bone
    white field,
    ready for seeding."
    That is beautiful, Linda.


  3. A beautiful extension of the prompt.

  4. I enjoyed this...It makes me think of leaving where we are heavily embedded and stepping into a fresh start...I like the vulnerable sound of bone white field ready for seeding...portrays the feeling of excitement and apprehension that might be present in a new start.

  5. Great sounds in this poem. I like the rhythm & music!

  6. A sobering thought that when we leave, everything stays the same. Lovely words in a beautiful poem.

  7. Wow! Can I say that again? Wow! It's beautiful. I love that last line - "ready for seeding" - it makes me wonder whether you are doing the seeding or the seeding is being done to you.