Monday, April 18, 2011

Like a Book Critic

I read a book following
the ascension of plot,
discerning if the narrator
is reliable or speaks
with crossed fingers.
I take an inventory of details
swallowing images whole,
accepting a chronology
of filigreed events.
Do the characters pirouette
on and off the page
in disarray, ignoring my angst,
so intent on their philandering
that I remain sprawled across
my bed, a lover left to settle
for no ending beyond
the last page.

Linda Watskin
Day 18
Poetic Asides prompt


  1. This was funny to me as I read it but most of all, powerful. Beautifully written poem about how it is to read a book and be left with "no ending beyond the last page".

  2. I tried to do the Poetic Asides prompt but came up with no idea. LOL. I love what you did with it. I think we are all book critics as we read!

  3. I saw the PA prompt as well, and there was nothing for me there... BRAVA for tackling it. Interesting notion, the questioning of the writer's intent, especially since there is today some sort of controversy boiling about the authenticity of Greg Mortenson's "Three Cups of Tea," which I loved.

    Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog. You were stuck in my SPAM bin, no idea why. You're anything but...! Amy